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The server just started, please do not be frightened of the fact that there are almost no players, we are already advertising the server and soon you will be with whom pvp :) Also if you want help our server - invite friends :)


itazura wrote (05.06.2017 01:03):
Hi, is it possible to help with the developement of the server? I really like this game and it is awesome that now a server with ep3.5 exists. I know C/C++ (still studying though) and I would really like to help, although I have never worked on a private server before :)

zyklon wrote (31.05.2017 22:04):
I really tried but lag is so annoying :(

Part wrote (30.05.2017 14:42):
Hey, Id like to tell you that the mission Petras Nest (lvl3 FreeSka) is bugged and kicks you out of the game everytime you click it. To the people having problems: Try downloading the file from this server instead of the google drive link. That worked for me. I solved my fps problems on win10 with this:

zyklon wrote (28.05.2017 15:44):
Hey, it me again. It seems like I need a mirror. It should fix errors on windows 10, which Im actually running it. However, Im going to try to download the setup again.

zyklon wrote (28.05.2017 00:33):
Hey mate, I just saw this server, wanted try it but I cant even run the setup since its corrupted any suggestion?? (I really wanna try it)

dorsoduro wrote (25.05.2017 00:22):
Heyo,Im using windows 7 and I can log in just fine,no fps lag,no exceptions,but my friends who run windows 10,have terrible fps lag and get exception every 10seconds.Would you please bother looking after this issue?

AveJerem wrote (24.05.2017 18:46):
Hello, i have problem with game Can u help me?


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