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Sun 24.05.2020

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New launcher

Category: News
Author: admin
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We change hosting and now server is online!
For play need download and put to game folder ( with replace ) new launcher
link :
Update :
Fixed IF
Added new anti-cheat system
Added new cash shop items ( Credit Shop )
Fixed some bugs


Liviv wrote (19.11.2019 09:43):
IF3 is have a bug after step 3 we become tp

Admin wrote (05.08.2018 09:29):
all accounts was unbanned. Now we are working on fix bugs :)

therakiel wrote (17.12.2017 00:35):
I have an issue with the ACE.atm file ... refuses to launch the game

bombe1309 wrote (13.11.2017 23:11):
Hi i have a question why is my acc bombe1309 banned???

kdoranh01 wrote (02.08.2017 15:09):
Sorry i confuse drop Crossbow Item quest now i need to recovery this quest Crossbow chatper 4

Diggerace wrote (10.07.2017 18:40):
is server off line

Fuzzyboss wrote (08.07.2017 02:08):
is this server still active i cant get it to work for me

asdasdasd wrote (27.06.2017 22:20):


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