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Sun 01.11.2020

Sat 31.10.2020

Sun 29.11.2020

Mon 30.11.2020

Thu 26.11.2020

All News

Bug fixes and Update
by admin

1) BCU quest 'Emergency!! Warning!!' was fixed.
2) To War Point shop added :
Pyro Acid
Thunder Storm
Katharsis of Bishop
Charisma of Emperor
Cold Storm
Spear Spread
Superior Inferno
Core of Bishop
Bishop Corona
Heart of Rock Emperor
Plumage of Rock Emperor
Pheromone of Hornian Queen
Chill of Skadi
Gigantic Central Nerve Piece

Bug fixes
by admin

BCU quest 'CODE-BCU01375' and ANI quest 'Lumein Awakens' was fixed.

Bug fixes and Update
by admin

1)Empty monsters name was fixed.
2)some quests was fixed. ( write if you found not working quest )
3)To SPI shops was added :
All Stat Reset Card
Seraphim Bible
Soul of Laplace
Metamorphose Mixture
Gematria Scripture
4) To WP ( War Point ) shop was added :
Final Skill Opening Card
Elite Skill Strengthening Card

Bug fixes
by admin

Quest 71 lvl "Operation Assault 1/4" was fixed.
Maximal lvl now is 110, all players who have 111-125 level now is downed to 110 lvl.

Bug fixes
by admin

Infinity Field (IF) was fixed.

Bug fixes
by admin

Quest 49 lvl "Ramnants of Bark Undercity" and location "Bark Undercity" was fixed.

Bug fixes
by admin

Problem when you have 1000 bullets on adv weapon but you cant use it and reload it was fixed.

New launcher
by admin

We change hosting and now server is online!
For play need download and put to game folder ( with replace ) new launcher
link :
Update :
Fixed IF
Added new anti-cheat system
Added new cash shop items ( Credit Shop )
Fixed some bugs

More Players
by admin

The server just started, please do not be frightened of the fact that there are almost no players, we are already advertising the server and soon you will be with whom pvp :) Also if you want help our server - invite friends :)

Open server
by admin

Server is open! :)


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