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About the Gears


There are 4 types of gears available in the game. A series of avatars / drivers can be used within the city. Each ship has two types of weapon - shooting basic (standard) and missiles (advanced). Info Test

B-Gear (Brandy Burg)

The Brandy Burg, or B-Gear as it is known by pilots, is a Fighter/Bomber capable of air-to-air dog fighting as wall as tactical bombing.

I-Gear (Idle Sniper)

The Idle Sniper, or I-Gear, is a Gear designed for rapid response and long range strikes. Designed after the B-gear, it is the second design in the modular-frame Gear series.

M-Gear (Meadow Bugle)

The meadow Bugle, or M-Gear acts primarily as a support vessel. It is the third design in the modular-frame Gear series.

A-Gear (Anima Mortar)

The Anima Mortar, or A-Gear, is a Gear designed for ground combat. Threatened by the impressive performance of other Gears, the Shrines started a ruthless ground campaign.


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